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Thank you, your message was sent. On my mind скачать песню каждого из нас есть свое увлечение.

Кто-то любит собирать марки, кто-то кататься на лыжах. Текст на английском языке «Моё хобби — My hobby» с переводом. Each of us is carried away by occupations that we choose according to our wishes. Some people like going for sports, but some doesn’t. Someone would love to embroider, someone considers embroidery tedious and boring.

For example, I love collecting various trinkets and souvenirs. This activity is very fascinating for me and I am delighted with it. I love to write poetry, draw and read. Most of all I love to read detective stories.

My cousin hates sitting at home. She likes active lifestyle much more. Recently she has taken up playing tennis. In general, in her spare moments she is not averse to sing some foreign song in French. She adores the French language, traditions and customs of the Frenchmen. In the future, she plans to pay a visit to France and call on her aunt, who has been living there for already 10 years . My elder brother is crazy about cars.

He collects old cars, restoring them to his style. In addition, he is a very athletic guy. He goes to the gym three times a week and does exercises for 2-3 hours there. As for me, I hate sports. For my part mental exercises are more important than physical ones. He holds the opinion: «A sound mind in a sound body». Перевод текста «Моё хобби — My hobby» на русский.