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Operation not supported on transport скачать black market на андроид» error in creating mount scripts. How can I check whether my phone is properly rooted?

Android Terminal Emulator» application from the Google Play. If you see something different, your phone is not properly rooted. I get «Mount script cannot be created. Some HTC devices are «NAND locked». In order to use Link2SD you need to do «S-OFF» to disable this NAND lock. I’ve installed link2SD and it is moving the apps to the main partition of SD instead to the 2nd partition.

Click «Create Link» to move and link applications to 2nd partition with Link2SD. SD card» label for linked apps. If you click «Move to SD» app will be moved to first partition with native app2sd method of Android OS. This is same as going to «Manage Applications» and then clicking «Move to SD». You can see «on SD Card» label for those apps. Which method conserves the greatest amount of internal memory, what are the advantages of «linking» over «moving» and vice versa? SD card in the main FAT partition.